We take great pride in helping our customers
- motivated athletes and active individuals -
work toward and achieve their goals.

Read what some of them have said about us.

Thank you for all the time you have put into my training. You have helped me come back, from my knee injury, to cheer stronger than before. It is wonderful to know that you are always there if I get hurt. You have helped me physically and mentally. I am glad you have helped me with my rehabilitation. When I first walked into your facility, I thought it was going to be hard but you made it as easy as possible. Again, thank you so much for all you have done. I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with you.

Kassidy States - Cheer and Gymnastics; Brunswick High School

Working with Mr. Lebo at Athletic Performance Training Center has helped me become a better athlete in many ways. The plyometrics helped me increase my vertical jump as well as my ability to explode faster and stronger. Also, the weight training helped me become stronger and a more powerful athlete in a short amount of time. Mr. Lebo’s tips and knowledge of specific workouts are what makes going to him very effective. These workouts have not only helped me become a better athlete, but will also help with my transition to Bowling Green Women’s Basketball intense workout routine.

Jessie Tamerlano - Basketball; Gannon University, PA (North Royalton)

Coach Lebo met with us and tailored his program to meet not only our needs, but the time and space available to us. He provided us with ways to measure our progress and success. He came in and explained to my kids not only the “how” of the program but the “why”. Kids need to buy-in to a program, and understand why they are doing what we are asking. Coach Lebo did a great job selling them. My kids hit the weight room the first week harder than they have in years. They were excited to be there and get to work. Brian is a knowledgable, passionate person about what he does. Working with him will make our program better.

Joe Zenir, Brecksville High School Varsity Girls’ Basketball Coach

Training at APTC has been a great experience. Making it to the NFL is a big step, and I feel confident about the work that I have done with Brian Lebo. When looking for a trainer, you should really find someone that will push you. Strength and conditioning plays a huge role in athletics. It’s important to find a trainer who is qualified and knows what they are doing. Whether you are competing at the high school or college level, you’re always going to want to be in the best shape that you can. It’s really important to find a trainer that you’re comfortable with and knows his stuff. Brian Lebo is definitely a great trainer and I would recommend him to anyone.

Dominic Alford - Football; Cleveland Browns (University of Minnesota, Shaker Heights)

In 2011, I tore my ACL in my right knee before my freshman year of college baseball was supposed to begin. In 2012, I played every game and I had a relatively productive year. However, my knee still gave me trouble, and I felt that I needed to get faster and stronger. I decided to work with Mr. Lebo in the summer in order to accomplish these goals. Over the summer, I worked with Mr. Lebo almost every day. My knee responded well, and I finally feel like I did pre-ACL injury. When I returned to college this fall, my teammates have noticed I have gotten faster. Mr. Lebo gave me nutritional advice as well as expert advice regarding working out and conditioning. In conclusion, I would like to recommend Mr. Lebo to anyone looking to get faster, stronger, or just to become a better athlete. Thanks to Mr. Lebo, I look forward to having an excellent 2013 college baseball season.

Pat Ammar - Baseball; Wheeling Jesuit University (Walsh Jesuit)

Athletic Performance Training Center is worth every penny! Not only have I gotten bigger and stronger, but I have also gotten faster. The facility is in a good location, and Mr. Lebo truly wants you to reach your goals – and will do anything to help you achieve them.

Matt Bambauer - Football; Ashland University (Holy Name)

Before joining Athletic Performance Training Center, I spent little time in the weight room. I knew little about proper workouts or techniques. Under Mr. Lebo’s guidance and supervision, I was pushed to become stronger and faster. I made great improvements because of the time I spent working with him. In the weight room as well as on the track, Mr. Lebo’s workouts were just what I needed to finish high school with a successful senior season, as well as making the jump to college basketball that much easier. It is a clean, organized, and well-kept facility that provides a great workout environment. Athletic Performance Training Center is the real deal, and I strongly recommend it for anyone!

Tom Berlekamp - Basketball; University of Mount Union (Holy Name)

Training at APTC this summer, I feel like I have grown so much as an athlete. Working out every day kept me from being lazy and sitting on the couch, and kept me in shape. The workouts Mr. Lebo puts together are full-body workouts, and he is there to help you push yourself through the work. This summer, I feel, helped me to become faster and stronger, and has helped me prepare for my college volleyball career.

Brittany Centorbi - Volleyball; Edinboro University, (North Royalton)

Last week at her pitching lesson, Kaylin clocked her fastest speed ever on her fastball (in fact, her pitching coach has only had two other girls – ever – who have hit this speed)! I am sure that working out with you is a big part of the reason that her speed has increased. Thank you for all you have done in working with Kaylin and helping her down this road. You and your workouts have been great for her.

Eileen Clarke: Mother of Kaylin Clarke - Softball; Ohio University (North Royalton)

I’ve been working with Coach Lebo for about two years, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to train at APTC. For aspiring athletes of all ages, this is the place to be. Coach Lebo will work with any customer, regardless of age, with an appropriate workout routine to give them the maximum benefit. Also, his flexible hours make it easy to schedule your workouts whenever is best for you. From week to week, the exercises we do – whether in the weight room or speed/agility – are varied, so your muscles are always ‘guessing,’ and the facility is top-notch. No matter the age or sport, Coach Lebo has a plan for you to take your game to the next level, from strength and conditioning to nutrition education. Not only is he one of the best trainers/coaches I’ve worked with, but now I consider him a friend, and you won’t find a better guy or a better deal out there.

Connor Denning - Football; Marietta College (Strongsville)

Brian came out to our school and put on a Strength and Conditioning clinic. He was a true professional and was easy to work with. He has a great amount of knowledge in regards to Strength and Conditioning and was very willing to help us out in any way he could. I am looking forward to seeing great results as we implement his program.

Troy DiFranco, Midview High School Varsity Boys’ Basketball Coach

Mr. Lebo did an amazing job of preparing me for the next level of soccer. Physically I went into the season with an advantage over everybody. I would strongly recommend APTC to any athlete at any level looking to get better. I know I’ll be back.

Scott Eilmann - Soccer; Marietta College (North Royalton)

Unreal trainers that will take their athletes to elite levels!

Dan Finnegan, Manager/Sports Performance Trainer; One Wellness Sports & Health

Mr. Lebo, I would like to thank you for preparing me to play Big Ten football at Michigan State University. You helped me find my physical limits, taught me to be mentally strong and give everything I have while working out. You are very dedicated to your business and your customers. With your positive attitude and dedication to each client, your business will do nothing but flourish. I appreciate the time you took with me and your willingness to work with my busy schedule. I look forward to working with you when I am on my breaks. Please feel free to contact me if any future clients would like to get my input on your business. I’d be more than happy to provide my insight.

Dan France - Football; Michigan State University (North Royalton)

Brian has changed the way the Heidelberg Women’s Softball team trains throughout the entire year. He brings a high level of passion and intensity to the workouts. This is our first season with him and we have already seen a vast improvement in our overall strength, explosiveness, and agility. We are lucky to have the opportunity to work with him.

Betsy Hada, Heidelberg University Head Softball Coach

I’ve done my fair share of workouts over the course of my athletic career, and I can honestly say Mr. Lebo’s is the best. His workouts are well balanced, efficient, and effective; targeting all muscle groups with a focus on sport-specific exercises. Since working with Mr. Lebo, I have seen gains not only in strength and speed, but in balance, agility, and flexibility – the latter being the most important and typically least focused on – attributing to athletic performance. Because of this, I had the edge on the competition coming into my freshman year of college. By the halfway point of the season I was a starter on the football team and I earned all-conference honors in the 110m hurdles and was the President’s Athletic Conference high jump champ (all of this as a freshman). The bottom line is that the workouts work. The expertise and high quality equipment offered by Mr. Lebo are a winning combination.

Bobby Hritz - Football, Track; Thiel College (North Royalton)

Athletic Performance Training Center is no joke. This training facility has helped me reach my goals of becoming stronger, bigger, and faster. Mr. Lebo has pushed me more this summer than I have ever been pushed in the weight room. With Mr. Lebo’s help, I am now more ready to play football at the Division I level, at Marist College. If you are thinking of training at APTC, do it – because it is worth it and you will improve in every way.

Bart Leneghan - Football; Marist College (Holy Name)

We take the kids here as much as we can for Speed & Agility. Great program Brian!

Mike Mackovjak, Father and Youth Sports Coach

The mental and physical growth of my son, who started in 4th grade, has been tremendous. Strength and speed training with Mr. Lebo has changed his life. Athletically, he has transformed from an average player in the 4th grade to one of the dominant athletes on the field in the 6th grade. The psychological improvements are even more impressive. He has gained self-confidence and self-esteem through strength and speed training. Due to the positive experience my son has had, I recommend youth strength and speed training at Athletic Performance Training Center to all I come in contact with.

Ryan Madison, Parma High School Athletic Director

This is our first year with Coach Lebo and both our players and coaches love it. His program is challenging yet fun and our players enjoy going to work out. We also are big fans of his charting system which allows our players to track their results easily. Brian is great to work with – he really went out of his way to customize the program to the needs of our players and program. I strongly recommend Coach Lebo’s program.

Steve Mehalik, Brecksville High School Varsity Boys' Basketball Coach

As a player in one of the most elite Jr. A hockey leagues in the world, I was really looking for a trainer who would just help me reach that next level of physical performance and achieve my personal goals as an athlete. I certainly got more than that at APTC. Not only did Mr. Lebo help me achieve my athletic goals (Div. 1 scholarship to Air Force Academy) but he also taught me many valuable life lessons along the way. If you’re looking to train hard and have a great time doing it, day in and day out, then Athletic Performance Training Center is your place.

George Michalke - Hockey; U.S. Air Force Academy (University)

Training with you this past summer was a lot of hard work, but it has definitely paid off on the volleyball court. Your expertise in plyometrics, lifting, speed and agility has greatly improved my stamina and playing ability. I have noticed an increase in my strength to get the ball across the court to the hitters, my quickness to get to the ball, and my jumping ability to block at the net.

Megan Osysko - Volleyball; Edinboro University, PA (Independence)

If anyone is looking for Strength and Speed & Agility training for their young athlete, I couldn’t recommend anyone more.

Bill States, President; Blue Devils Youth Football Organization